Open Auditions in Atlanta for Film Roles in “The Shot”


Open casting Call in Atlanta, Ga for “The Shot”

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Type: Film

“The Shot” is a story about the Assassination of Dr. King. As we approach the 51st Anniversary of Dr. Rev King’s assassination, I was always thought of who the assassin was.

James Earl Ray is a man with a record of petty crimes and a man who did not seem intelligent enough to pull off such a heinous crime by himself. I do find it very intriguing to learn of the young South African Photographer Joseph Louw who was with Dr. King accompanying him when this occurred while also creating a documentary on the life of Dr. King. So I see this as an opportunity to tell the story of the humble young photographer behind the camera and show the world the true story through the lenses of Joseph Louw. From this point of view I created “The Shot”.

Auditions Date: April 6th from 12:30pm – 2:30pm.

Location: Studio 1

3080 McCall Dr. Suite 2
Atlanta, Ga 30340

Movie casting call

Casting Lead and Background Actors, Breakdown as follows:

1) Martin Luther King Jr- African Americans – Leader of the civil rights movement. Will be target of fatal assassination. Age range 35-45

2) Coretta Scott King- Female
African American -Wife of Dr Martin Luther King. Strong supporter of her husband involvement in civil rights movement. She’s a caring wife and mother. Age range 35-45

3) Ralph David Abernathy- African American-Dr Martin Luther king right hand man in civil rights movement. Will be by Dr. Martin Lither king JR side day of his assassination . Age range 40-50

4) Jesse Jackson – African American-Young fearless leader who was very close to Dr King and his movement. Will be by Dr. Martin Lither king side day of his assassination . Age range 25-35

5) Hosea Williams- African American- Civil right leader who served with Dr Martin Luther King Jr and would also be on his side day of his assassination. Age range 35-40

6) Earl Caldwell- African American-On site reporter, who will be the first to get story of Dr Martin Luther King Assassination and become a witness. Age range 35-45

7) Ben Branch- African American-Musician, a saxophonist who will be preparing to play a final song request by Dr Martin Luther King. Will become a witness to his assignation. Age range 35-40

8) James Laue- Caucasian . A white man who is staying at motel same day of Dr Martin Luther King jr assassination. Will have just enough courage to offer aid to a badly wounded Dr. king. Age range 30-35

9) Lorre Bailey- Caucasian White Female The motel owner, the last place Dr king will take his finial words . Age range 45-55

10) Clara Ester – Young woman torn between Dr Martin Luther King non violence movement and her young violent militant friends . She will be next to Dr Martin Luther King Assassinated body and become a witness. Age range 18-21

11) Mary Hunt- young lady in college who will be visiting Dr Martin Luther King Jr with Clara Ester and will witness the assassination of Dr. King. Will not only become a witness, but will also be photographed in Joseph Louw famous Dr Martin Luther King Assassination photo. Age range 21-30

12) Georgia Davis- African American Female-The beautiful senator who will arrive to the motel to support Dr . King rally and will also have warm eyes on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be a witness in Dr. king assassination. Age range 35-45

13) A.D King- African America-Martin Luther King jr younger brother who walks strong alone side Dr king movement . will join his brother at the motel with his estranged lover . Will be a witness to Dr . King assassination. Age range 35-40

14) Lucky Ward white Caucasian female – supports Dr King civil right movement and his having a estranged affair with Dr. Martin Luther King younger brother A.D King. She will become a witness at Dr King assassination. Age range 35-40

15) Billy Kyles – African American- A respected reverend, who had a dinner feast prepared for Dr Martin Luther King Jr and his entourage the day of his assassination. He will be a witness to Dr.King assassination. Age range 30-35

16) Dwania Kyles African American young female – Rev Kyles daughter who has been active in the civil rights movement early in age. Will be helping her mother prepare the feast that Dr Martin Luther King Jr want make it too . Age range 8-15.

17) Judge Tanum South African Judge white older age Judge- will charge Joseph Louw in court. Age range 60-90.

18) Attorney Paul White Caucasian South African attorney. Will defend Jospeh Louw in court. Age range 35-45.

19) Jace – female white Young British backpacker through South Africa. She Will meet the elder Joesph Louw and learn his story . Age range 16-22.

20) Calvin- African American young passionate freedom fighter. Respects Dr Martin Luther King non violent ways but still feel blacks should still fight back . Even if it means violence . Age range 16-22.

21) Elder Joseph Louw – South African old man- has retired as a farmer and now find himself telling his story to a young white girl who looks just like his pass youth days lover . Age range 60-80.

22) David Parker – FBI lead director white Caucasian male- will plan an attack with the mob assistance, that will change American history. Age range 55-65.

23)Gino Montelly – Italian old mobster . Head of the Montelly family . Could even be considered a Mob God Father. Will accept a Heinous plan from the FBI and have one of his sharpest assassins follow through with the job. Age range 60-89.

24)Raoul – white Caucasian male a mysterious man. Will move quietly and accurately pulling off one of America’s greatest assassinations and will set up a ignorant con man as the fall man while doing so. Age range 40-55

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Ga
Please submit to: [email protected]

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