Open Call in DC for 2 Film Projects


Open Casting Call for Two Productions

Location: Washington Dc

Type: Film

Moonk Films Devoted Studios

October 19th


I/O Spaces
8222 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910
United States

Moon’k Films Devoted will be having open call auditions for the next two production projects

First they love you , then hate you , then love you again. ( a silent film )

A man has been found guilty of his wife murder, but when detectives look into the murder. A startling revelation has the entire justice system reconsider their verdict.

First They love you and hate you then love you again characters:

Todd All Ethnicities 25-45loving husband and father. Great personality, handsome and all around good man. Will be force to do something that will change everyone’s good guy thoughts about him.

Nancy25-45 / All Ethnicities : Sweet, beautiful woman . Always there for her family . Her dark secret of having a drinking problem will cause her , her life .

Nia: 2-11: adorable little girl. Has a caring family and everything any little girl could wish for. She will loose her life to a love one.

Detective Mark 25-55Bad ass detective who will stop at nothing to solve the car.

Detective Alicia 25-55: Smart Rookie Detective . Who will put all pieces together to get the rite bad guy.

Attorney Kyle 25-55: smart and persuasive. Will fight for his client to the end.


101 Christmas wishes

A woman down on her luck finds love in the most unlikely place . At Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. When she falls for a elf. Now, not only trying to figure out her new strange twisted love life, but she now has 101 Christmas wishes she have to fulfill before Christmas Day is over.

101 Christmas wishes characters :

Layla / All Ethnicities 20-35.
Hopeless romantic. Very sweet girl with big heart. Just can’t seem to find rite guy for her. Until she finds love in the most unlikely place.

Chase / All Ethnicities 20-35
Great guy who is full of cheer and good . Has the coolest life one can imagine . Will meet Layla and the two will fall for each other . He just has a secret he’s embarrassed about sharing . He’s not only Santa’s adopted son. But he’s and elf .

Cindy / All Ethnicities 20-35
With a wicked energy and must know everything persona .She will not rest until she gets to the bottom of Layla and Chase relationship.

Santa /Dad 40-65 All Ethnicities. Big jolly Saint Nick is preparing for his busyness day of the year. He will have to convince his son to follow his heart while getting every little boy and girl there gifts .

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Washington Dc
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