Reality Show Family Kitchen Revival Casting in Long Island


Family Kitchen Revival is now casting for their first season.

Location: Long Island, New York

Are You Looking to Give Back to your friends, family or community that helped you through tough times and hardships?

Celebrity Chef Jonathan is gonna revive your kitchen with an amazing family style feast to give back to the people who helped you thru your toughest times as a way of thanx. Tell the world your story

We are looking for families that have faced a recent hardship and were helped by their family, friends or community, who want to give back for the kindness they received.

Celebrity Chef Johnathan Scinto will work with your family to realize its potential for creating culinary masterpieces. You will work side by side with Chef Jonathan Scinto to create a meal to say ‘thank you’ to those that helped you through tough times.

Shooting will take place in the family’s home and will culminate with the presentation of a family-style meal to those who assisted you during your time of struggle. Each episode will feature one family.

Jonathan Scinto is a private chef and television personality known for his exquisite work on Fox’s Master Chef and Food Network’s Chopped. He utilizes rustic Italian flavors and Asian influences to create Itasian, a fusion of Italian and Asian cuisines. A native of Long Island, Jonathan’s new series will give back to the community and help bring neighbors together.

See for more info – Deadline is May 31st.

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