Student Film Auditions in Tampa Bay


Casting Men and Women 40s and Up For “Dirty Riches” – A Tampa Bay Comedy Short Film

Location: Tampa, FL

Type: Student Films

“Dirty Riches” – Action/Comedy

Audition at The Art Institute of Tampa – 4401 N Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33614
Filming in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL Area

Auditions: Thursdays, 5:30pm-9:00pm (February 14th and 21st). Video auditions also welcome!
Notifications: Saturday, February 23rd – Sunday, February 24th

”Steven and Paige, two long-time best friends who are struggling financially, come across a valuable stolen item, and suddenly find themselves in the crosshairs of dangerous people determined to get it back.”

1. Mister Henderson – Cunning, straight-to-business, driven, deceitful. Age 55-60, slender build male.
The chief operator of a money-laundering scheme for the last thirty-five years, Mister Henderson’s long-running business is failing, which makes him resort to acquiring money however he can. He’s looking to secure all loose ends before he can get back to business.

2. Malcolm – Witty, cunning, compassionate, reserved. Age 20-25, average build male.
Malcolm owns a large, lavish house that is the envy of all his neighbors, including Steven Reid. He was able to afford such a house thanks to his job – the grizzled leader of an activist group, that publicly exposes big corporations that destroy people’s lives.

3. Anna Reid – Caring, compassionate, world-weary, mild-mannered. Age 45-50. Slender build female.
Anna lost her husband years ago, and ever since then, she and her son Steven have struggled financially. When Steven gets fired from his third job, she begins to think, in her anger and stress, that Steven doesn’t care about his family anymore. However, despite her anger at Steven, it is Anna herself who learns that some things take time to recover from.

4. Big John – Aggressive, cunning, angry, distrustful. Age 30-35. Bulky/muscular male.
Big John is one of Mister Henderson’s henchmen, who for years has suspected that Henderson has had ulterior motives against his own employees. It is only when Henderson fires him that he becomes certain of this suspicion.

5. Little Timmy – Aggressive, dim-witted, loyal. Age 30-35. Tall, muscular male.
Little Timmy is the ironic name of Mister Henderson’s tall, muscular, imposing bodyguard. Formerly a professional wrestler, he now uses his bizarre and suspiciously vulgar wrestling moves to torture his victims. There’s not much to Little Timmy in terms of intellect, but he’ll follow Mister Henderson to a fault.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Tampa, FL
Please submit to: by 2019-02-21

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