Theater Auditions in Toronto Canada for “Sherlock Holmes in The Conan Doyle Conclusion”


Sherlock Holmes in The Conan Doyle Conclusion – Auditions!

Location: Toronto Ontario

Type: Theater

NON Union

After an explosive first show, Now I am Dead productions is back with the second original play, of a trilogy of “meta-biographical” plays. Actors chosen will be welcomed to give feedback on the script, and encouraged to help influence its direction through a staged reading/ workshop, up until a full staged production!

Synopsis: “The father of modern forensic practice, and author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is dead. All evidence points to a death by natural causes. But some believe otherwise… Some think, It was murder. Among those who believe in this most heinous plot, Is Sherlock Holmes, and never far behind him is none other than Dr. John Watson. The two begin an investigation that spans all over Europe, and the author’s life, From his humble beginnings at the university of Edinburgh to his final days in London. But slowly the two uncover evidence that may lead them to not only the capture of the one man Conan Doyle chased his entire life, but bring into question, the idea of reality itself.”

Note: ALL actors will be playing multiple roles, ALL actors will be expected to learn an English accent, if they cannot already do one. Some roles will require a Scottish accent

Accents are not necessary for the audition but will be required for phase 2.

We welcome actors from all ethnicities to apply for any of these roles.


Actor 1: Age range 20 – 35, male – Sherlock Holmes/Joseph Bell

Actor 2: Age range 20 – 35, male – Young Arthur Conan Doyle (Act 1) / Dr. Watson (Act 2)

Actor 3: Age range 20 – 35, male – Arthur Conan Doyle (Act 2) / Dr. Watson (Act 1)

Actor 4: Age range 20 – 35, male – “Jack”

Actor 5: Age range 20 – 30, female Jean Leckie

Actor 6: Age range 20 – 30, female Louise “Toulie” Hawkins

Actor 7: Age range 20 – 30, female Connie Doyle

Actor 8: Age range 25- 35; male – Eugene Chantrelle

Actor 9: Age range 20 – 30, male – Chevalier Auguste Dupin – Must have skills working with accents, specifically French and German

Actor 10: Age Range 20 – 30 year; male – George Edalji (This Character specifically is of middle eastern decent)

Actor 11: Age Range 25- 35; male – James Moriarty

Auditions will be held at 157 Carlton Street, Suite 207 on August 23rd/24th.

Aug 23rd between the times of 5pm -9pm

Aug 24th between the times of 1pm – 6pm


Send both your headshot and resume to

Please prepare a contemporary monologue, no longer than 3 minutes.

About the Project:
The rehearsal process will take places in 2 “phases”

Rehearsals for phase 1 will begin September 5th, at Collective Studio (664 Lansdowne Ave) and will be every Monday evening, from 6pm-9pm with two exceptions, one being the week following thanksgiving when we will rehearse Wednesday, and the second being our final rehearsal for the phase, which will be 4 hours.

Rehearsals for phase 2 will be determined as a group after casting has been completed in a democratic discussion.

Phase 1 will consist of rehearsals leading up to a one night Staged reading in December.

We will then take a break for the Holiday season.

Phase 2 will begin in early to mid February leading towards a staged production in April

*Actors will NOT be expected to only work on this project, but must be able to commit to the rehearsal and production times for both phases*

Profit: Pay share w/ share included for the company

We look forward to hearing from you!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Toronto Ontario
Please submit to: by 2019-08-23

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