Actor Auditions for Podcast “Quaranteen’d”



Location: Worldwide

Type: Other Projects

Family friendly podcast series created by Hodgepodge Media. Plot confidential.

All roles open to any race/ethnicity, disability, age, or gender/gender identity. Remote production.

$250 for 4/5 days of recording (12 episodes), 2 rehearsal sessions, 1 sound check.

**Submit auditions on google forms:**
Do not email.


ZOE MARIPOSA (14). Intellectually older than her years, socially younger. A bit obsessive, a bit forgetful, a bit scattered, a bit genius, a lot anxious. A fighter — for the government, for people, for truth. A bit obsessive, a bit conspiracy-theorist. Gets ahead of herself, easily riled up.

XI YIN (14) is a hot mess of hacker chic and social crusader. Loyal, fierce, rational except when she’s not. A pacifist, but better saying so in the virtual world versus the real one. Currently scripted as living in China, but open to other nationalities. A little boy crazy. A lot cooped up.

RY ASTOR (15). His voice rings with the faux-confidence and wry attitude that only billions can bring. Think “Steve Harrington” with billions.

DEV GANESH (15) An e-gamer military brat, better looking virtually than IRL, talks big but in actuality worries bigger. Loves to talk smack, yet is terrified of his mother. And his father. And of bedbugs.

FIONA (AGELESS), an always listening Alexa-ish female computer voice. Part companion, part nanny. Soothing, hypnotic, all-knowing.

Script Assets:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Worldwide
Please submit to:
We are reviewing audio MP3 files. Please title your file with your name and the character you are auditioning for. In your submission, please read the script side that corresponds with the character you are auditioning for. If you are having trouble submitting your file, make sure you are submitting an MP3. Submit audio here:

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