Casting People in the NY / Tri-State Area Who Have A Deformed/Disfigured Face or Mouth

TRI-STATE-AREA CASTING: Are You Suffering From A Deformed/Disfigured Face or Mouth?

Please refer if you or someone you know is suffering from…
-Embarrassing facial issues or abnormalities caused by injury or genetics?
-Painful, malformed, or misshapen ears, mouth, nose, eyes and face?
-Severe dental issue or disfigurement beyond normal dental work? Cysts, tumors, or irregular tooth issues?
-Are you ready to have your life changed by getting the surgery you have dreamed of?

This is an opportunity to be treated by some of the best facial and dental surgeons in the world to help you live the life you deserve.
To submit and learn more, email:
Please provide, full contact information (phone & email) location (city & state) bio and explanation of your issue with recent photos.

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