Actor Auditions in Boulder Colorado



Location: Boulder – Colorado

Type: Student Films

Compensation: None, but food and snacks will be provided at shooting times.

Synopsis: After the death of her parents, Ffion begins to feel targeted by something lurking in the woods. As her mind unravels and grief overwhelms her, she begins to question if triumphing over this thing is really what’s best for her.

SCHEDULE DETAILS: As this is a student film, shooting times will be flexible, but also need to begin ASAP.Shooting will be done on weekends, although for two scenes night time does work better, so weekdays could work.


Character Descriptions – feel free to respond to multiple roles:

Ffion (Fee-on): The main protagonist for this story is a college-aged young woman named Ffion. She is someone who is highly motivated and social before experiencing a great family tragedy. After this she feels trapped and alone and begins to experience confusion and uncertainty about what she sees, hears, and feels.

David: While not a main character, David acts as a sort of older brother to Ffion. They have been friends for a long time and are very close.

Riley: Serves mainly as Ffion’s roommate and close friend. While very supportive, they are unaware of most of what goes on and are very attached to their phone, perpetually with one earbud in or their face in a screen

Jonathan: The newest addition to the group of friends and, as someone who is perpetually anxious about their place, demonstrates this constantly. They fit in well with the group but consistently joke around and make light of situations to alleviate their perceived tension.

The Creature: The creature is the only other major protagonist. While not developed in a standard fashion, it has more interaction with Ffion than her friends in the story and is the driving force behind much of the plot. It is an old creature that resides in the forest and seeks not to kill but to assimilate or inspire to whatever its unknowable plan is. In drawing in others, it is able to feed off their faith and sustain its existence. Its appearance is natural, yet with an uncanniness that likens its form to something semi-human. (Want someone tall and lanky who can move smoothly, with an almost snakelike quality, on all fours, possibly on stilts. THIS IS A NON-SPEAKING ROLE)

Production title: Dead Leaves
Production Type: Independent / Student Film
Project length: Short Film (20~ minutes)
Director: Jack McLaughlin
Location: Casting will be done in Boulder
Some filming will be done in Boulder, while some will be done in forests near Boulder


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boulder – Colorado
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