Actors in Chicago for “The Festival” Movie Project


The Festival

Location: Chicago

Type: Film

This is a Casting Call for a non-union production. It is unpaid (credit only), however, it is an opportunity to expand your resume with a truly unique piece of art. Boundaries will be tested, as many scenes involve highly charged situations and dialogue, including violence and hate speech. You may be the villain or the victim.

SHOOTING DATE: Late October – Early November 2020 (TBD)

LOCATION: Various locations in Chicago area.

Only actors who submit resume/bio, headshot, and reel will be considered. ONLY EMAIL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED. [email protected]


YAD -Pakistani / South Asian male – 16-20 (2 days)
No accent. All American boy. An artsy activist. Confident protagonist of story.

MOHAMED -Pakistani / South Asian male – 45-60 (1 day)
Yad’s father. Accent. From the old country. Conservative. Soft spoken.

YAD’S MOTHER – Pakistani / Indian female – 35-50 (1 day)
Reserved, conservative. Must provide own traditional dress (shalwar kameez, sari, or similar). Non-speaking role.

MALE GUEST – Middle Eastern (Jewish) – 45-60 (1 day)
Reserved, conservative. Plain dress. Wears kippah. Non-speaking role.

FEMALE GUEST – Middle Eastern (Jewish) – 35-50 (1 day)
Reserved, conservative. Pious. Plain or traditional dress. Non-speaking role.

DARCY – White female (blond hair) – 6-8 (3 Days)
Cute, cheerful, confident kid. Loves everybody. Must be able to say offensive racial slurs.

NED – Black male – 45-60 (2 days)
Strong and wiry build from a lifetime of hard manual labor. Soft spoken, deliberate, polite, gentle soul.

LUKE – Black male – 10-14 (4 days)
Typical active boy. Athletic. Still boyish. Must be able to sing.

PORTER – Black male – 4-6 (2 Days)
Cute innocent little kid. Quiet, but will be required to scream and cry.

ROBERT – White male – 35-45 (2 Days)
Darcy’s father. Smart, confident, level headed type.

RACHEL – White female – 25-40 (1 Day)
Darcy’s mother. Soft spoken suburban mom type.

BILLY – White male – 30-40 (2 Days)
Redneck. Fit. Borderline crazy, full of violent energy. A hillbilly beard would be great.

SUSAN – Any race BUT Black – 25-35 (1 Day)
Billy’s wife. A perfect match for Billy. Mean.

CELIA – Mixed female (light skinned) – 18 – 25 (1 day)
Mixed Black/White. Playing a 16+ teenager. Quiet, innocent. Slight nudity – top only. Non-speaking role.

RUNNER – Any race BUT Black – 18-25 (2 days)
Runner’s body. Minimal jogging required. Non-speaking role.

POLICEMAN – Any race BUT Black – 25-55 (1 Day)
Must provide own uniform (any security style uniform is fine). Non-speaking role.

PRESIDENT – White (Blue eyes) – 45-70 (1 Day)
Presidential, professional, confident, all business. Must wear own suit.

There are also a few smaller roles and many background rolls, so even if you do not get cast for one of the above rolls, you may still be considered for other rolls.

Thank you!!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago
Please submit to: [email protected]
Headshot, Resume/Bio, Reel

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