Actors in France for Independent Feature Film


Lord El – Ambitious 35mm Feature Flim

Location: France

Type: Film

We are filming a highly ambitious franchise of 3 feature films on 35mm in the english language (filmed in France) for mainstream worldwide theatrical distribution and need all the help we can get.

Considerable monies will be spent on the screen for 35mm which is incredibly expensive and a ridiculous requirement by our theatrical distributor. We need die-hard religiously fanatic feature film actors and crew to get involved in a project that will leave an immortal mark on hollywood. This very ambitious 35 mm feature film is about a unique sci-fi fantasy school at the centre of the universe to be made with a loving crew and cast to poise this baby with enough charisma to take over the world and launch a brand new franchise. The plot and script is highly commercial with instant OMG factor on every front. The studios wanted it, but wasn’t going to take it to production until 2023. The world needs this now (2020) . This is literally it. It is politically current, organically revolutionary, whimsically alluring, realistically awakening, commercially diabolical, hilarious, dramatic, entertaining and above all romantic.

Actors wanted are:16 to 25 year olds to play LEADs at Science Fiction School.
Female Lead Wanted, aged: 16 to 25, playing lead DISCIPLE at Sci-Fi Institution.

Male Lead Wanted, aged 16 to 29, playing LEAD DISCIPLE at Sci-Fi Institution.
Supporting Cast Wanted, Male & Female, aged 5 to 29, playing CARRIERS at Sci-Fi Institution.
Supporting Cast Wanted, Male & Female, aged 35 to 110, playing FACULTY at Sci-Fi Institution.
Lead Cast Wanted, Female or Male, aged 50 to 110 playing PRINCIPAL of Sci-Fi Institution.

Filming Dates: July (2020), August (2020), September (2020), October (2020) International 35mm feature film, aimed for worldwide theatrical exhibition.

All applicants must disclose all previous works on anything they have been seen on before including adverts or uncredited works.? All applicants must provide email and phone contact details.? All applicants must provide up to date headshots. All applicants must provide a detailed explanation in writing as to why they think they are right for this acting or crewing role.

HOD 35mm Camera and Production Crew also wanted. Please let us know your skills and how you are suited to be involved with this.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: France
Please submit to: by 2020-07-10
Head Shot and Cover Letter with contact details including email and phone

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