Auditions for Indie Film Project in Edmonton, AB Canada

By | July 1, 2020

Delicious. Finally Some Good F*cking Closure.

Location: Edmonton, AB

Type: Film

Circle and A.R. haven’t seen each other in years. In fact, the last time they spoke was about ten years ago, the day they were forced to flee a spaceship rumoured to be full of treasure. They left something terrible behind there, and they intend to go get it back. No amount of booby traps, ghosts from the past, accidental self-sabotage, or bickering is going to stop them…


Open Gender. Anywhere from 25 – 60 years old. Open Ethnicity. Perpetually drunk, cheeky, petty criminal. Secretly terribly lonely, but he’ll never admit it.

Circle doesn’t have much to show for the last ten years. Unless you include drinking, crippling loneliness, and a pathetic excuse for a smuggling career. Now, after so long, Circle is determined to reunite with their closest friend A.R. and recapture that excitement and fulfillment they got from all those long ago adventures. This time they’re going to finish what they started.

Gender Non-Binary/Open Gender. Anywhere from 25 – 60 years old. Open Ethnicity. Neurotic Tech Genius and Circle’s only friend.

A.R. has thrived for these last ten years. Or at least they like to think so. Sure they don’t have much to show for it, but one of these days they’re sure an invention of theirs will finally work! However, all of that must be put on hold as their oldest, and thoroughly inebriated friend comes crashing back into their life. Like or not, A.R.’s going to have to deal with their past.

Open Gender. 20 – 30 years old. Open Ethnicity. Evil, vengeful consciousness stuck inside the ship’s computer. An excellent liar.

A long, long time ago, Simon was betrayed. They can’t quite remember how long ago. Time means very little when you’re all alone, your consciousness fusing slowly with an ancient spacecraft… One thing they do know for sure, someone is going to pay for all these years of pain. Now finally, they get their chance.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Edmonton, AB
Please submit to:
Please email headshot and resume to with the character you are auditioning for in the subject line.

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