Auditions in Nashville for Student Film “Enough At Last”


Enough at Last

Location: Nashville, TN

Type: Student Films

A young adult battling addiction to a time-stopping watch that gives him dementia and his caretaker whom he has fallen in love with struggle to reconcile their relationship and deal with their past.


24 to 38 years old, male. A young adult addicted to a time-stopping watch. He is a hiker, so he is in shape. Time has weighed heavily on him. SCI-FI and Drama credits a plus. Ross is an addict who is suffering from increasingly worse dementia. Confused about his place in the world, he falls in love with his own sister who is also his caretaker. He is a sentimental type. His late mother was the most important person in his life. Throughout the story, his addiction to his time-stopping powers erases his memory of his sister but not his mother.

13 to 18 years old, male. An innocent kid. Young Ross is a momma’s boy. He has always looked up to her and past all of her faults. This is a small role with just a few shots, but is crucial.

24 to 38 years old, female. A young adult caretaker for her addict brother with dementia. Andrea is a very strong yet sensible woman. She is the core emotion of the story, so Drama experience is preferred. Andrea struggles to care for her brother who has let her down too many times. She wants what is best for him but isn’t sure how to do it. Eventually, she reaches her boiling point and gives up on her brother and states that she cannot care for him anymore. By the end, she realizes the grave mistake she made and must fight to keep him away from himself. She does not want to lose her brother the same way they lost their mother.

45 to 60 years old, female. Joan has a ton of natural beauty. A mystical aura follows her. She is older, but she still hasn’t lived all of her life. She is a hiker, so she must also be somewhat in shape. Joan is the first known victim to the time-stopping watch. She died by falling off a cliff when her children were young. Her watch was passed down to her son, who sees her as the best person in the world. In all, she represents the past security she once provided for Ross.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nashville, TN
Please submit to: by 2020-08-31
Please submit headshots, a bio, and an audition video of you performing a scene of your choice.

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