Auditions in Oklahoma for 25th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival (Muskogee / Tulsa Areas)

By | January 9, 2020

Casting for the 25th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Audition Date: 01/12/2020 from 9 am – 5 pm
Audition Location: 3400 West Fern Mountain Road, Muskogee OK 74401
(Nearest metropolis, Muskogee, OK and then Tulsa, OK)
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Entertainment Director: Donald Ryan

The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival (OKRF) has a variety of opportunities for energetic people with a wide range of performance experience and skills. The auditions are for performers who want to be a part of our Cast and have prior performance experience. All cast members are paid positions based on the tier of the role and experience. Even those with no experience, but the proper attitude and aptitude we encourage to join our Apprentice Ranks.

* All Cast are Paid
* Modest Lodging Available for Weekend Show Support
* Breakfast and Lunch provided during festival

Characters for Audition:

Tier 1:
* Mary Queen of Scots [Single weekend commitment]

Tier 2: Historical figures
* Robert Devereaux, 2nd Earl of Essex
* Sir Francis Walsingham
* Gomez Suarez de Figueroa y Cordoba, 1st Duke of Feria
* Bertrand de Salignac de La Mothe-Fenelon
* Lady Elizabeth Knollys
* Lady Elizabeth Throckmorton
* Lady Frances Walsingham
* Lady Anne Vavasour

Tier 2: Non-Historical
* Never World Beggar / Mummers (6 positions)

Tier 3: Non-Historical Ensemble ( No formal audition required, although always appreciated. Please contact Entertainment Director Donald Ryan for more details)
* Bradley Rasher the Butcher
* Lilliana May the Gardener
* Beauregard Tubbins the Baker
* Martha Nash Midwife
* Dylan Armstrong Miller
* Abagail Prue Milkmaid
* Allyn Pierce Gamekeeper
* Prudence Sterling Moneylender’s Wife
* Bartholomew Jackson Carpenter
* Gretchen Hogarth Cook
* Crispin Dodger Messenger
* Sarah Sharp Seamstress
* Hamilton Riggs Tower Yeoman- Commissary Officer
* Maxwell Keen Tower Yeoman-Lookout
* Roger Stockbridge Tower Yeoman-Quartermaster
* Edgar Nevermore Tower Yeoman-Raven Master
* Pillar Svengaro Dancer
* Sorsha Svengaro Dancer
* Arellia Svengaro Shivani
* Vano Svengaro Caravan Master
* Lash Svengaro Protector
* Kezia Svengaro Herbalist

Participants wishing to audition must contact the organizer at Or call 405-919-8267 to schedule a time. There will be options for walk-in first come first serve.

Requirements for Scheduling Audition Slot:
* Full name, address, phone and email address
* Headshot (Or a recent photo of your face) and theatrical resume
* Be prepared to do two monologues, one classical and one contemporary, not to exceed two minutes each. Preferably in a dialog reflective of the character. You may be asked to sing something a cappella.
* All cast members must be 18 or older by April 25th, 2020

Please also see: Casting for the 25th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Those selected will become a part of the Festival’s training program, the Oklahoma Renaissance Actors (OKRA) Academy. For more information see the below sites

For more information about the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, please visit

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