Blake Shelton’s New Show Casting People Who Can Offer Some Expertise


Casting Call for Experts of all kinds

Blake Shelton has a new show in the works and the show and its casting team are searching for experts in various categories.  The show is currently called “Home Sweet Home” yet the notice does state that “Home Sweet Home” is a working title, meaning the show may be called something else at a later date.

Are you an expert in home repairs? A great outdoorsman? An amazing homemaker, crafter or cook? Are you an expert in raising kids or helping kids navigate social media?

If so, the show wants to hear all about your expertise. There are also other categories included in the list.

Please see the casting notice below for all the categories they are casting in as well as the details to apply.

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CASTING: HOME SWEET HOME (working title)

Experts wanted!

Country Music Superstar, and Executive producer Blake Shelton in association with Doron Ofir Casting is on a nationwide search for a select group of experts to help families struggling in our fast-paced and increasingly disconnected world. We are looking for BIG PERSONALITIES as well as a strong point of view about family, marriage, love, tradition, community, and how to navigate in modern society, while remaining true to the core values that unite us all.

Do you consider yourself an expert in any of these categories? Childcare, cooking, home repair, crafting, communication, outdoorsmanship, homemaking, raising children, nurturing grandchildren, marriage, bullying, helping kids navigate social media, reconnecting to your culture or heritage, American music or music therapy.

If you think you have something to contribute to this conversation — and a fun, warm, funny, and/or offbeat personality to match – we want to hear from you!

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3 thoughts on “Blake Shelton’s New Show Casting People Who Can Offer Some Expertise

  1. Tara Mosley

    I’m a problem solver by nature. I help anyone in my path. After co raising 6 kids I turned to my passion for inventing. LOL, solving the world’s problems. There’s always a better way and a win/win solution. You can pay anything for anything and I have become an absolute expert on solving home problems 10 cents on the dollar. If I had to pick one thing to empower homeowners with, it would be fixing things around the house with my philosophy and expertise. They call me Tool Time Tara.

  2. P. JANE Babcock

    Dear Sir or Ma’am,

    As a Retired US Army/Army Reserve Sergeant First Class (1982 – 2004, non-combat, 21.5 yrs) and now Retired County Veterans Service Officer, previously accredited by 5 national veteran organizations, with an above state average benefits growth rate, I consider myself a pretty successful Veterans Advocate. Are you aware that 55% of all veterans are over age 63, the youngest Vietnam era veterans. They are the ones most likely to be seriously ill with any of the 37 forms of Cancer/Soft Tissue Sarcoma and a myriad of other chemical/environmental disease. The Korean war and earlier veterans and their surviving spouses are often facing financial stresses such as in-home care, assisted living or nursing home costs that are consuming/consumed their life savings. Did you know that veterans of all branches and time periods are nearly twice as likely to develop ALS?

    Yet our nation promised “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.” And they tell veterans go go online to learn about their benefits. To create an eBenefits account to apply for the medical, compensatory, and /or the pension program that is intended to keep wartime veterans from living below poverty. Strange but where I served as a CVSO the average was 80+ over 60 and many still had landlines since cell reception might mean standing in the street to get a signal , if at all.

    I left he CVSO job due to a combination of things. A broken heart from caring about to many of veterans who died due to having served causing some mental health issues. As well as a health blip, some repair work I am trying to avoid by doing PT, and my desire to educate more veterans and those who serve them so that the neediest veterans aren’t left behind.

    Don’t get me wrong I truly cared about the soldiers I served with but technology is leaving the largest portion behind. And in doing so they are reducing the quality of life for the spouses who are or have literally done the physical care with out the so greatly deserved credit.

    So if Blake Shelton or any of the other stars are open to helping me teach my fellow veterans, their spouses, their widows, their physical or financial caregivers that there a lot of VA programs that can impact the quality of life for them, I would be immensely grateful. Whether it is simply get them hearing aids for $100, low or no cost pharmacy, free medical care and compensation (veteran or widow(er)) for the service related injuries/illness, the wartime veteran/surviving spouse pension if their income is low or being consumed by medical costs, or the Memorial Honors they so richly deserve, I have to keep trying to reach out.

    Thank you for your time,
    Patricia JANE Babcock, CVSO (Ret)
    SFC (Ret), US Army/Army Reserve

  3. Marilyn Simon

    I would enjoy being an extra in the Wilmington NC area.


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