Cast for Short Film in NYC


Action Be Happening In NYC

Location: NYC

Type: Film

This is a short film. Description of The film, Sarah is a girl in the Foster Care System. She wants to become a Professional Actress, but doesn’t have the chance because of her Abusive Foster Parents. Follow her as she rises up and breaks free from them and becomes an independent person.
Characters and Ages for casting;
Sarah (Main Character; 8-10 year old girl)
Mark (Abusive Foster Father; 18-49 year old man)
Missie (Abusive Foster Daughter; 18-49 year old girl)
Jess (Sarah’s BFF; 8-10 year old girl)
Clare (Teenager Who Helps Sarah; 13-18 year old girl)
Adam (Clare’s Father; 18-49 year old man)
Stacy (Clare’s Mother; 18-49 year old women)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: [email protected] by 2020-10-31
Email your Headshot, Resume, and a video monologue w/slate

This casting notice was posted by: Growing Up FTT Productions

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