Casting Call for TLC’s My 600 LB. Life


Are you or someone you know struggling with extreme weight and ready to make a life change?

The compelling TLC television docu-series, My 600-lb Life, is currently searching for individuals weighing 500 pounds or more who are ready to embark on a year-long journey to regain their health. Each episode follows the lives of real people suffering from super obesity on a road to better health. They make the courageous decision to save their lives and change their world forever.

The ideal candidate is male or female, over 18, weighs between 500-800 pounds, lives in the continental US and is ready to commit to a year-long program to improve their health.

If approved by the show’s physician, selected individuals will also receive Gastric Bypass Surgery.

If this describes you or someone you know, please send the following information (Name, Age, Height, Weight, City, State, Phone Number) and a brief description of your story to:

One thought on “Casting Call for TLC’s My 600 LB. Life

  1. Natasha S

    This is Shakyia’s mom I am begging for some form of help for my daughter. I am not a person that asks for help , but I really really need some help for her. I have tried EVERYTHING!!. I would like to see her live and not die , but at this rate she is headed this way . She has suffered so much trauma in her life and I love her soooooooooooooooooo much and see that I cant do it alone and she really needs help asap. Let me know what if anything i can do to her you guys help her .


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