Casting Extreme Dodgeball Challenge in the Los Angeles Area

Casting Call for New Dodgeball reality show.

Do you live in the SoCal area?  Do you love the game of dodge-ball?  If so, here is a chance to get cast in an extreme dodge-ball competition reality show.

The producers of “The Ultimate Fighter” and a major cable TV network are now casting fierce competitors in Southern California to play the ultimate game of dodgeball.

In each episode of this exciting new TV series, a handful of daring players will face off against each other in an extreme, obstacle-filled, free-for-all version of the classic game.

The winner of each episode will prove their dodgeball superiority on national television by claiming the title of Dodgeball Champ. And ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive $500 for one day of play!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a star athlete or a hopeful underdog. As long as you can take a hit and dish the heat, you might be ready to play the ultimate game of dodgeball!

Pilgrim Media cares about the safety and health of its cast and casting applicants. To ensure your well-being, we will be casting this new show via Skype, Facetime and telephone. Filming is scheduled for late July/early August, 2020, but will only take place if the current situation allows.

Please see the following form to apply for the show:

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