Casting Pets of All Kinds for New Pet Reality Competition Show

Auditions for dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, hamsters and more.

MGM and a major network are in search of Athletic Pets, that’s right, athletic pets. The new show is holding zoom auditions / video auditions for pets and their owners

The show is casting pets of all kinds that have some unique athletic abilities such as racing, jumping, jumping hurdles, climbing, boarding, agility, swimming, strength or any other type of sporty ability.

Can your kitty run an obstacle course? Does your bunny jump like no other? Does your guinea pig excel at mazes?  Does your dog dive?  This interspecies show will put your pet to the test.

The Pet Games are going to be an “amazing animal sports competition.”

Interested?  Have an amazing pet of some kind?  Check out the casting notice below to find out how to get your pet audition.

Now casting athletic pets for an all-new animal competition series.

To apply: fill out the online application  to book your facetime/zoom interview with your pet today!

Category examples include: bunny hurdle race, cat obstacle course, small animal maze, extreme dog catch, interspecies 10m race, interspecies long jump, interspecies basketball dunk off, interspecies surf-off, pig race, goat/rams/sheep climb, alligator high jump, dog freestyle swimming, monkey gymnastics ropes course, bird rope climb.

See the flyer below to get an online audition.

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