Casting Spokeswoman in Los Angles


California Creative Center

Location: Hollywood

Type: Reality TV

We are seeking a spokeswoman to be the face of our effort to sell the concept of constructing a major architectural landmark that will serve as a headquarters for the war against climate change and environmental degradation.

We are hoping to form an executive committee led by mostly women experts in facility creation and management.

The project is complex and very controversial, not just because of the focus on climate change, etc, but because it would be led by women…and would be for a proposed location. (More later)

The spokeswoman will have to spend an estimated 10 hours a week making “TedTalk” like videos or hosting a blog. (Much is still undecided.)

Forceful, “sell,” presentation is key. Imagine having to convince the public that the seemingly impossible is realistic. Walt Disney said, “Doing the impossible is fun.”

30-50 age group preferred, but?

We hope to stir up trouble in Hollywood and all of California by combining the technical ingenuity of Silicon Valley and the creative talent in Hollywood to produce messaging and solutions to the challenges facing our planet.

If all goes well, this spokeswoman will be a high profile personage familiar to all of Hollywood and California, leading to international recognition if we can successfully pull this off. We hope to celebrate an opening during the 2028 Olympic Games period in Los Angeles.

Compensation is minimal to begin, but many opportunities are available. Time requirements are flexible.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Hollywood
Please submit to: by 2020-07-08
Link to audition sample, printable headshot, resume and return address.

This casting notice was posted by: William Bergmann

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