Los Angeles Area Actors for Web Series “The Interns”


The Interns

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Web series

Hi! We’re casting for a web series called “The Interns” with a start-up company called Fortune8 media. It’s a series highlighting the comedic absurdities of being an intern/entry-level worker in a big firm. We plan to use a RED and have been preparing for the pilot for a while now.

Down side is, because we’re a start-up, this project will not be paying but we can provide IMDB credit, meal, a recurring/main role, and reimbursement for gas.

We are looking for the 4 following roles:

JOHN – (early-to-mid 20s) meek, passive, but with a strong drive and ambition that often doesn’t show. A college student at Pomona trying to land a big internship, he is what one might call book-smart but not street-smart. Clumsy and endearingly awkward, he is not without his own sense of humor, though most of the time he laughter he receives is at the expense of himself. There’s an earnestness and kindness to his character that makes him likable and deserving of our attention, care, and support. This is a main role in the web-series for AT LEAST the first 15 episodes.

CONSTANCE – (early-to-mid 20s) bubbly and vibrant on the surface, but really just putting up that facade to get to places. The current “receptionist” intern manning the front desk, she dreams of climbing the ladder up in this obscure corporation, and plays the game necessary to do so. She’s sharp, cunning, and driven. While we don’t get to see much beneath the surface in the pilot, Constance will do everything in her power to come across as competent, smart, and loyal. When in truth, though, her loyalty lies with herself. While a minor role in the first ep., this is a main role for the web-series for at least the first 20 episodes.

HENRY – (mid-to-late 20s) he’s the brother you wish for when your real one sucks. He has a calming, assuring presence, but for the purposes of the pilot, added onto that is a mysterious, “eccentric” quality to him. In the pilot, he is a surreal spectre who John makes conversation with. While only hints of his backstory are given, there is an overriding sense that Henry – the real Henry – is no longer with us. Nonetheless, to John, Henry is his cheerleader, his hypemaster, his source of inspiration, role model, and more. A recurring role throughout the series in relation always to John.

RANDALL – (30s-maybe even 40s) Randall is our first symbol and gateway into the beast that is corporate bureaucracy. Overall a chill, laid-back guy, he has the swagger of someone who has found his niche in the company, and thrives in it. Visibly comfortable in his shoes. While he puts on a nice, welcoming face, in his head he’s always thinking about his next move, his next meeting, his next step up the corporate ladder. The laxity and negligence to which he treats interns may be startling reminiscent of actual supervisors/coordinators you know. He isn’t mean, of course, he simply doesn’t care. Why look down instead of up? A recurring role throughout the series in relation to the interns.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: aikaaagreen@yahoo.com
Please send your resume and headshot! (Optional reel if you have one)

This casting notice was posted by: Fortune8

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