Short Movie Auditions in Hong Kong


Family Dinner (Independent Short)

Location: Hong Kong

Type: Student Films

Local Independent short film shooting in Hong Kong.
The story is about how a pregnant housewife deals with an unfaithful husband, or family. The family studies the nature of dysfunction family dynamics in Hong Kong culture. Through this film, the goal is to question and show a new perspective of male-female power dynamics in a typical traditional Asian household.


The Housewife, CHAN MEI FONG (Female, Asian, 25-55), LEAD
– Has to speak fluent Cantonese
– She is pregnant battling whether to leave her unfaithful and immoral husband for her kids’ future or to stay with him for financial needs. She is hardworking, kind and loving.

The Husband, LEE YIP CHUN (Male, Asian, 25 – 55), CO-STAR
– Has to speak fluent Cantonese
– Husband of Mei Fong
– playboy in the family; he wants to be a father-figure for the women he wants to feel secure about his masculinity.

The Brother-In-Law, Lee Man Siu (Male, Asian, 25 – 55), DAYPLAYER
-Has to speak fluent Cantonese
– He is the leader of the family. He likes to show his family he is the boss. He also has an unfaithful side, just like his younger brother Chun.

Sister-In-Law, Lee Lai Ha (Female, Asian, 25-55), DAY-PLAYER
– Has to speak fluent Cantonese
– Man Siu’s wife. She is hardworking and wants to help Mei Fong because she has been through the same experience of dealing with unequal male-female dynamics in the household.

Sister-In-Law 2, Lee Ka Yun (Female, Asian, 25-55), DAY-PLAYER
– Has to speak fluent Cantonese
– Yun has come back to Hong Kong from studying in the US. She is the more fun role in the family. She loves to be in trend and be beautiful. She is the only college-educated person in the family.

Detailed character bio please visit:

Target Shoot day: Between Late December and mid January.

Production Details:
– Production will last for 3 to 4 days.
– There will be rehearsals and lines memorization prior to shooting.
– All Actors will be paid per day. Actors will be paid up to $450/day depending on roles and length of work hours.
– Meals & Crafty will be provided on set
– The actors are welcome and encouraged to invite their family to play the remaining roles in the film. The idea is to portray a family dynamic.
– We practice safe guidelines during production to ensure actors and crews are protected.

We are passionate local Hong Kong filmmakers who want to represent Hong Kong cinema globally. DM if interested.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Hong Kong
Please submit to: by 2020-12-20
Headshot only. Submit resume if available.

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