Theater Auditions in Pittsburgh, PA for “The Skin I’m In”


The Skin I’m In

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Type: Theater

“The Skin I’m In” Audition Notice

This audition is for the adult roles only.

Audition Information
February 27, 2020 | 5PM – 8PM
Alumni Theater Company | 6601 Hamilton Avenue

SYNOPSIS of Sharon Flake’s “The Skin I’m In”

Thirteen-year-old Maleeka Madison is being bullied because of her dark skin and homemade clothes, as well as her attraction to a stellar student named Caleb. Believing that it is easier to get along than to stand up for herself, Maleeka ingratiates herself to Charlese, the school bully. In exchange for being Char’s stooge, Maleeka receives stylish clothing to wear, for which she pays a huge price. When a new teacher arrives, bearing a noticeable birthmark on her face, she takes an interest in Maleeka and discovers her talent for writing. Viewing Miss Saunders as an intrusive know it all, who will only bring
more unwanted attention to her, Maleeka tries to steer clear of Miss Saunders. As the taunts and bullying escalate, Maleeka’s journal writing, her father’s lost poetry, and Miss Saunders’ encouragement help Maleeka to find her voice, inner strength and courage. Discovering a part of herself that no one can take away, she learns that loving yourself just as you are and finding your voice, are more important than being stylish and popular. This story about colorism, self-esteem and bullying, is for all ages.

Open Call for adult performers for roles detailed below. Anyone interested should bring a headshot and be prepared to perform a 2-3 minute monologue. Please contact director Hallie Donner to schedule a 15-minute audition slot at or 412.945.0282. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your audition slot to fill out the required paperwork.

Callback auditions will be held on Friday, February 28 from 5:30PM – 7:30PM. Actors will be notified if they are called back by 11PM on February 27. Actors who are called back should plan to stay for the whole callback audition on February 28.

Production Information:
Rehearsals will be from March 10 – April 30, 2020. The schedule will be:
Tuesdays & Thursdays | 6PM – 8PM
Saturdays | 1PM – 5PM
Actors will not be called for all rehearsals but must have their schedule clear for these times.

Performances Dates:
May 1 | 9AM, 12PM & 7PM
May 2 | 7PM
May 7 | 9AM, 12PM & 7PM
May 8 | 9AM, 12PM & 7PM
May 9 | 2PM & 7PM
May 10 | 7PM
*Auditioning actors must be available for potential additional performances on May 15-16 at 7PM.

Performance Stipend: Ranging from $500 – 600 depending on role. If additional performances are added, the stipend will be increased by $100.

Character Information:

All children’s roles will be cast with members of Alumni Theater Company.

ATC will hold open auditions for the following adult roles:

Miss Saunders: (African American, mid 40’s) A no nonsense public relations executive on leave from her corporate job. She is heavyset, very tall, and has a white birthmark on her face. She is always the polished professional, meticulously dressed in suits, wearing expensive, classy watches and jewelry and unafraid to face the world or students at the new school where she is about to teach. She is creative, kind, stern and has taken a particular interest in Maleeka, perhaps because of the negative attention her own face has brought her since childhood.

Tai: (African American, mid 40’s) A math teacher, as well as Miss Saunders’ good friend and former college classmate. She is quirky, loves yoga, and has a heart for Char and all students. At times she helps Miss Saunders dig deeper into her own motivations regarding the students.

Momma: (African American, early 40’s) Maleeka’s grieving mother who took up sewing a few years ago when her husband died on the job as a cab driver. She plays the stocks without real money and does well but loses when she bets on the lottery. A woman of character she insists that Maleeka always do the right thing and make amends when she is at fault. Sewing is her therapy. She supports Miss Saunders interest in Maleeka.

JuJu: (African American, around 24) Charlese’s sister. To keep the household going since the death of their parents, JuJu has house parties and sells clothing she never purchased. On weekends, she makes Charlese serve guests, clean the house, and follow her commands. In many ways she is a bully toward Charlese when she is at home, yet she pressures Char to graduate and not repeat seventh grade.

Janitor: (African American, 50’s/60’s) An older man who likes to sing and enjoys music. Talks to himself a lot while he works.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Pittsburgh, PA
Please submit to: by 2020-02-24

This casting notice was posted by: Hallie Donner, Alumni Theater Company

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