Actors for a Staged Reading of “The Disastrous Documentary”


The Disastrous Documentary (Reading)

Location: Central Florida, Nationwide

Type: Theater

This is a casting call for a virtual reading of Gina Logan and the Disastrous Documentary, a new work by Gabriel Davis. This play follows a filmmaker and her best friend as they uncover the secrets of a famous popstar.

This call is open nationwide. Location has no affect on consideration for a role. However, please note that actors in Central Florida who are interested will be considered for a staged production at a later date.

You will receive a response within a week of your submission, and you may be asked to read a selected side from the show at that time. Scripts will be sent out by May 9th, and the reading will take place over Zoom on the 16th.

Gina Logan, female-identifying. 16-24 years old. She is stubborn and determined, with a soft spot for her loved ones.
Bailey, male-identifying (or nonbinary). 16-24 years old. He is typically laid-back and friendly, however, he will not hesitate to defend Gina from creeps like Charlie Cotter.
Charlie Cotter, male-identifying. 18-26 years old. Though he starts the show as a perverted egotist, Gina and Bailey slowly but surely show him that being selfish won’t always get him what he wants.
Mia Ross, female-identifying. 18-26 years old. Despite being an antagonist, Mia is a sweet and caring individual who only wants what’s best for her partner.
Candie Blythe, female-identifying (or nonbinary). She is your stereotypical pop star — bubbly, outgoing, and full of secrets.
Dad/Ensemble, male-identifying. 40-60 years old. He is a loving father who tries his best to do what’s right for Gina.
Kian Kyle/Ensemble, male-identifying. 18-26 years old. He’s an attractive young pop star who knows a little about Candie’s past.
Fran Sheldon/Ensemble, female-identifying. 40-60 years old. She is Candie’s grandmother, an older woman with a strong voice and a kind face.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2021-04-25
Please submit a headshot, resume, and a self-taped dramatic monologue.

This casting notice was posted by: Gabriel Davis, Playwright

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