Actors in Melbourne, Australia for Indie Film


Location: TBC in Melbourne Suburb

Type: Film

This is a collaboration,
The movie Aurora is a voice for young girls,
Aurora has been casted already.
Aurora is a girl in a very segregated world.
Her father is a business-man, head of justice and rights.
As a young-black girl, Aurora’s dad plans for her to marry a young white man (Maxi) who’s father is head of law,
Both of them aren’t interested,
Aurora’s mother then gives them an idea and tells them to run,
and so they do,
Far away,
After a while they start to argue,
A lot,
And as Aurora storms out, one of her dads men captures her,
and poisons her.
She’s found in court being sentenced to death.
And that’s when hell breaks loose.
Aurora speaks that equality shouldn’t come from forcing illegal youth marriage.
It should come from the heart, it isn’t equality for women to be forced to something they don’t want to be in.

Aurora’s mum- ( BLACK WOMAN aged 40-50)
Auroras Dad- (BLACK MAN aged 50-60)
Aurora (Role has been taken) (BLACK GIRL AGED 12-14)
Sera- Girl, Aged-12-14 (Aurora’s Best Friend)
Alyah (Aged 12-14) (Aurora’s friend)
Delilah (Auroras Friend) aged 12-14

Maxi (Lead Role-) Aged 12-13
George (Maxi’s friend) aged 12-14

Extra’s (All Ages)

Court Judge (50-70)
Her Fathers Men ( 20-80)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: TBC in Melbourne Suburb
Please submit to:
Please email us for a script based on character you’d like.

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  1. Gabriella wainwright

    I would like to audition for the part of Sera, Auroras best Friend.

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