Are You Packing Your Bags and Leaving The US?

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  • Post last modified:08/25/2021

Are you leaving the United States to renovate a property abroad?

A new show is searching for Americans who are packing up and buying a dream home abroad.  Are you leaving everything behind and buying a villa in Italy, a vineyard in France or a place in some other destination overseas?  Do you want to document your journey and share that journey with others on a new series for a major streaming platform?  If so, read on.

Producers for a new show would love to hear all about your upcoming journey.

Sharp Entertainment based in NYC is casting a new show.

It’s a brand new series for a MAJOR STREAMING NETWORK and they are looking for Americans who are leaving the US to purchase and renovate a property abroad!

The show is somewhat similar to House Hunters International! However, they will also be filming what happens before the move and after the move, and everything in between.


This is a paid opportunity and a once in a LIFETIME experience.

If you, or someone you know may be interested in being considered, please send an email to ATTN Ashley.


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