Auditions in Pittsburgh, PA for Student Film, “Walk Away”

By | October 14, 2021

Walk Away

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Type: Student Films

Intro of the story:
One afternoon, Peter (Chinese) visits his old friend Jason(Chinese) to attend his son Henry’s birthday. After years of not seeing each other, this is Peter’s first time visiting Jason. As they talk, Peter not only feels about their distant friendship but also hears about Jason’s decision not to teach Henry any Chinese. At the end of the day Peter isn’t able to give Henry the gift he prepared for him. Instead Peter gives Henry his own expensive steel pen as a substitute, and leaves like running away from something.

Characters Intro and Actor Requirements:

Peter(30-35, Asian, male or female, casual low key outdoor dressing ): A Chinese professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Polite, mature, sentimental, about Okay passionate. Speak Chinese and English with a Chinese accent. Troubled by Chinese identity. (Traveler’s view) Doesn’t have to be able to speak Chinese

Jason( 30-35, Asian, male, bright color bottom down, apron) : A Chinese Immigrant. Old friend of Peter. Active, open, less mature, typical Chinese (Meaning he follows some Chinese traditional manners, values Chinese’s obsession in educating children, and socializes in Chinese way) Decided not to teach his children Chinese and give up calling their Chinese name. (Native view) Doesn’t have to be able to speak Chinese

YiQian (20-30, Asian, female, homestyle outdoor outfit). A Chinese woman who married an native American. Having a biracial daughter. Visibly dislike Chinese Identity.

Stephanie (6-8, Biracial, showing more Caucasian or African features. Homestyle outdoor outfit) innocent, curious about everything.

Jenny (25-30, open ethnicity, female, casual homestyle dress, apron): Jason’s wife. decorous, active. Willing to teach children Chinese. (Doesn’t have to be able to speak Chinese) Familiar with Chinese traditional manners.

Henry(10-12, Asian face, male, casual home dress): Jason’s son. American Born Chinese. Feeling great about his current surroundings. Hardly speak any Chinese.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Please submit to:
Please express your interest in the film, a brief introduction of yourself. Headshot is recommended but not required.

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