Casting Actress Over 60 for NYU Film Project



Location: Manhattan, New York

Type: Film

Casting “YOU ARE NOT A BOTHER, ELECTRIC WOMAN” an NYU thesis film by Natalia Ferrara. The logline is as follows: On the day of a lively street fair, a once electric but now burned-out older woman, enters an elderly-occupied bathhouse, with hopes to relieve herself of old age and enter the spunky heaven she’s been tirelessly waiting for.

The shoot dates are the first week of December. Meals, credit, and a copy of the project are all guaranteed. All cast and crew will be required to get tested and be able to present negative results prior to the shoot, and/or vaccination cards depending on the CDC Guidelines.


Spunky women in their 60’s-80s.

We hope to have all older women represented on screen – we encourage people of different ethnicities to audition!

Comfortable with nudity on camera (a plus but not necessary!)

Range of comedy to drama abilities but acting experience isn’t necessary.

Nonunion actors are required through NYU at this time


Maria: 60-80, is an older woman who has lived a long beautiful life but feels there’s nothing left for a woman her age, except death. She’s a survivor of breast cancer yet knows there’s always a chance that cancer may come back, especially since her husband and most of her friends have passed on already– death is now constantly present for this once-famously-bubbly-and-mesmerizing woman. While she remains positive on the surface, she’s tired and impatient of waiting for the inevitable and her goal is to have her final day on this earth and officially say ciao! in her usual old-lady stomping grounds, the bathhouse. She sees heaven as this disco party that earth seems to not offer her anymore.

Squeeze: 60-80, is a woman with a charism and electricity that hasn’t faded with age and perhaps has only increased. She’s Maria’s closest friend, a reliable female acquaintance and neighbor in their recent old age. Without Maria, Squeeze wouldn’t know who to grow with. She wants to support Maria in her decision to leave the earth but doesn’t understand why she would want to die and is also deeply hiding her sadness and even anger about losing another friend.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Manhattan, New York
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