Casting for Game Show “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” in Los Angeles


Get on Don’t Forget The Lyrics, Music Game Show.

The old game show, “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” is in its final week of casting.

The show will be coming back and now casting in the Los Angeles / Southern California aria for folks that actually are great at knowing all the lyrics…. to lots of songs, to compete for prizes on the show.  The show’s casting directors are looking for fun contestants in the Southern California / Los Angeles area who are able to sing their hearts out….and, of course, know the lyrics to the song they sing.

DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS will be coming back to TV screens and the show and its casting directors are currently casting people in the Southern California area who would like to compete on the show.

The old show featured contestants who choose songs from different genres, decades and musical artists. Those contestants then took center stage to sing, karaoke style, as the lyrics were projected on large screen. Can the contestant keep singing karaoke if the lyrics disappear? Will the contestants belt out the correct missing lyrics or will they freeze under pressure?

Do you know the lyrics to everything? Would you like a chance to compete for cash on a TV game show?  Here is your chance.

See the casting notice below to see how to submit…. and who to email for your show at getting on the game show.

Casting is now closed – stay tuned for upcoming casting calls for Don’t Forget The Lyrics.

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