Casting Kids in Los Angeles for New Kids Show


A new kids show is holding auditions for kids in the Los Angeles area.

The show is casting kids between the ages of 7 and 12 who love their play-doh and are able to create cool stuff with that play-doh.  The show is looking to cast teams of 3, two children, who know each other (siblings, friends, neighbors, etc.) and an adult who knows them as well.  The adult can be family, family friend, coach, teacher, cousin, etc.

The show is looking for teams who are very creative, outgoing and adventurous.  Children must fall into the 7 to 12 age group.  There are prizes for those that get cast and win the competition.

Those interested may check out the casting flyer below for more details and kids need to have their parents submit them.


Is your kid an artistic genius? Can they recreate Michaleangelo’s DAVID with only Play-Doh?


Then write to us at for a chance to win big prizes!



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