Casting Mend it For Money – Got Items That Need Restoration?


Got any vintage or historic items?

The producers of the show Pawn Stars and the show American Restoration are creating a new television show and would like to hear from people that have vintage items needing to be restored.  The show and its casting directors are currently casting for for people that have all sorts of items from vintage motorcycles, classic cars, rusted pinball machines and stuff that has been in the family as far as anyone can remember.

Love your item? A master craftsperson will restore your item to its full potential.  Got items in need of restoration with amazing stories behind them?  The producers and casting directors of this show would love to hear all about it.


Do you own an antique, vintage, or historic item that you want to have restored and sold?!

We are looking for ALL types of items, including:

  •  vintage motorcycles
  •  vintage pinball machines & games
  •  family heirlooms

A master craftsman/woman will restore your item to its fullest potential! If there’s a story behind your item, we’d love to hear it!

For more information, visit or help spread the word!



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