Casting People With Crazy Houses

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  • Post last modified:03/24/2021

Got a crazy house?

Does everyone talk about your house due to the crazy decor, absurd paint job or just the sheer eye sore factor? A production company would love to hear all about your ugly or outrageous home.

Currently CASTING a brand new HOME RENOVATION series!

We’re searching for HOMEOWNERS who live in ugly/eccentric/weird/unusual/quirky houses for Season 1 of a major cable network series!

Do you own the ugliest, strangest, most recognizable house in town? Is it time for a new look? Did you get carried away with bad decor, kitschy furniture, clashing wallpaper, or wacky colors?
Whether you want to show off your outlandish home, or you are in need of a HOME RENOVATION, send me a message, or fill out our application here:
Feel free to email us with any additional questions:


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