Casting People With Severe Dental Issues in NY / Tri State Area

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  • Post last modified:09/09/2021

Now Casting SEVERE Oral/Dental Patients In Need of Help (New Jersey/Tri-State Area)

All-New TV Documentary series seeking people suffering from EXTREME & SEVERE oral/dental disfigurements, deformities, medical issues and pathologies.

Seeking patients living with embarrassing issues on the inside OR the outside of their mouth: Cysts, tumors, oral pathologies, lesions, mysterious tooth problems, issues or growths on the tongue, lips or the outside of the mouth/chin or undiagnosed conditions.

If you are suffering from an embarrassing, painful or perplexing mouth we want to hear from you. Get help and work with nationally recognized expert oral surgeons.

Apply at: Please include: Your full name, age, location, contact information, MUST include a minimum of 6 recent photos of your medical issue where we can CLEARY see the issue that you are struggling with. Must live within the New Jersey/New York/Tri-State Area

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