Indie Film Looking for Actors in Singapore


CNB Drug Free Film, Title “Tough Love”

Location: Singapore

Type: Film

We’re looking for roles for CNB Drugs free film, the role is a Short Role but above beginner acting.

Shooting dates:
24-30th April

Important Scheduling Depending on your acting/role
Acting: If acting is good the fewer takes we need the faster it will go.
Role: If your role is minor to the story you might only have to come for one or two days.

Do note that you’re payment is fixed you’re not paid by the hour so if you try to drag on to get paid more it will not work


Roles: Adrien (Son)
Age: 16+
A carefree student who gets low marks getting into an argument with his dad, leading bad influences to give him drugs

Roles: Heng (Father)
Age: 30+ (Exceptional if you have facial hair)
A stubborn father who wants the best for his son, having his father die because of drugs addiction he does all he can to prevent him from falling into drugs


Roles: Kieran
Age: 15+
The main person with drugs

Role: Darryl
Age: 15+
An extrovert that doesn’t back down from a challenge

Role: Victor
Age: 15+
A rich students willing to try anything

Role: CNB Drug police (No payment)
Age: 17+

Please provide a headshot if not links to social media will do just fine.
Email: Number: 8790 3410

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Singapore
Please submit to: by 2021-04-22
More details after emailed

This casting notice was posted by: Dandan John Jinger II Gaspar

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