Las Vegas Auditions for Soap Opera Spoof


Spanish Soap Opera Spoof

Location: Las Vegas NV

Type: TV Commercial

We are a fun group who creates comedic spoofs and videos to post online. Our videos typically get upwards of about a million plays on facebook/instagram and we use them to advertise books online.

We have an upcoming facebook ad we will be running that has a short script (only about 90 seconds long) poking fun at Latin soap operas. It a very dramatic short spoof where the man admits to his girlfriend that he has been sleeping with her sister.
We are looking to cast a Latin male between ages of about 25-40 who is handsome, hunky, and has a Latin accent. You should be very outgoing as we will be over-exaggerating the drama that happens in this commercial in a very funny, comedic way.

This would be paid $200 and typically takes about 4 hours or so. You would have a few lines to memorize and once again, its a very short 90 seconds of dialogue between you, your “girlfriend” in the commercial, and your girlfriend’s sister.

Please send any links to previous related work if you’ve played a similar role. Additionally, if you are able to send a video of you reading the following lines it would be helpful in our process of choosing. Thanks so much in advance!

Please say the following lines in a Spanish accent and very dramatic and funny. (The more expressive you can be, the better. This is supposed to be unrealistically dramatic so that is very funny and obviously pokes fun at soap operas)

“But it gets worse Yolanda. You see, I have been sleeping with your sister Isabella. It was hard to resist. She just makes such good tacos and she so…. (Make movements with the arms to mimic outlinining the shape of a woman’s body)…. SMART. But you see, it meant nothing to me. Nothing Yolanda! You are mi amor en mi vida. Forgive me!”

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Las Vegas NV
Please submit to: by 2021-01-14
Please include headshot and video of you reading lines in the casting info

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