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By | February 23, 2021


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Film

“Closure” is an Asian-American-centered film revolves around a father and daughter who reunite in the wake of their spouse/mother’s death and aims to tackle the ways grief and guilt manifest themselves in the Asian family dynamic. Terrifying and suspenseful, the film begs the question “What would happen if anguish had a physical form?”

The project is Non-Union and unpaid, but all transportation and meal cost is covered. There’s also a chance it may stream on a very popular streaming service, so big opportunity for exposure!

Shoots February 27/28 in LA

Character Description:
Jim Lee
A widower Asian father in his late 50s, Jim’s upbeat and steadfast personality hides his pain towards his wife’s sudden passing well. Left with the shell of a home, Jim decides it would be best if he left it behind and move to a smaller residency to “save money” when in reality, the weight of the memories created in the home has become too much to bear. Kind and warm, Jim especially has a soft spot for his daughter, Jill, who has returned home to help with the move. Through his interactions with Jill, it’s easy to see Jim’s charming but jaded personality. With Jim, it’s more about what he isn’t saying than what he is.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: closure.shortfilm.casting@gmail.com by 2021-02-26
Resume and or Reel/Headshots

This casting notice was posted by: Julia Schmidt, Producer

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