Movie Role Auditions in Springfield, MA for Satire Musical “Lukewarm”

By | March 18, 2021


Location: Springfield, MA

Type: Film

We are excited to announce auditions for Lukewarm, a horror, satire movie musical, that we will be filming Summer-Fall 2021. Lukewarm is the story of Julian Romano, a man searching for meaning in life and, after joining the seemingly perfect New Life Church, death. This is a witty, toe-tapping musical about zombies, vampires and religion with a surprising amount of heart (and blood). We will be accepting self-tape auditions (a section from the script as well as a song, for those interested in the singing roles) through April 5th. Music recording and dance rehearsals will take place shortly after throughout April and May.

Julian Romano: 20-30. Male. Searching for meaning in life. At the end of his rope. Uncertain and unsure but desires the courage needed to take the leap. Dry sense of humor. And occasionally over-dramatic. Baritone-Tenor. Dance experience a plus.

Caprice Verona: 20-30. Female. Also searching for meaning in life. Reeling after a recent life change but still hopeful. Grounded but spunky. Charming. Mezzo-Soprano range but can be flexible. Dance experience a plus.

Bennie Monroe: 16-20. Female. Spunky and fun with wisdom beyond her years. Smart and clever, she sees beyond the surface and to the truth of things. Determined and capable. Range flexible.

Father Montgomery: 40+. Male. Feels the pressure of the expectations placed on his position but wishes to break free of them. Kind, compassionate. Has a secret. Bass to baritone range but flexible.

Pastor Pete Romero: Age flexible. Male. Put together and outgoing on the surface. Very Joel Osteen type. Has secret motives underneath it all. Baritenor.

Father Lawrence: 50+. Male. Strong leader but firm and unmoving. Thinks of himself as compassionate but comes across cold. Does what he needs to do to keep order. Bass to Baritone range but flexible.

Nancy Friar: Age flexible. Female. Serious, pushy. Very religious. Wants Caprice to work harder in life but only in the way she sees fit. Range flexible but trends toward alto.

Mark Spears: Mid 20s-early 30s. Male. Laid back, with almost a hippie vibe. Feels like he’s found meaning in life. More clever than he looks. Tenor preferred but can be played comfortably by a baritone.

Rosalind Harker: 18-mid 30s. Female. Coworker of Julian. Flirty and outgoing but secretly insecure. Non-singing role.

Tiberius Blackwater: 40+. Male. Julian’s boss. A very hard and uncompromising man. Non-singing.

Maryanne: Age flexible. Female. Member of New Life Church. Enthusiastic, verging on crazed at times. Range flexible. Dance experience a plus.

Tom: Age Flexible. Male. Member of New Life Church. Friendly but with a secret darkness underneath. Range flexible. Dance experience a plus.

Tyrone: Age flexible. Male. Julian’s coworker. Cheeky but friendly. Non-singing.

Kathy: 40+. Female. Member of Atonement Chapel. Harsh and unaccepting of outsiders. Non-singing.

Elizabeth: Age Flexible. Female. Greeter at New Life Church. Friendly. Non-singing.

Ex-boyfriend: 18-30. Male. Non-speaking. Dance experience required.

Various other singing and non singing roles available, including:

New Life Church Members

Atonement Chapel Members

New Life Worship team

Young Initiates, Atonement Chapel

Julian’s coworkers (Dance experience a plus)

Extras at bar.


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Springfield, MA
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