NYC Actors for Independent Film “Friendly”



Location: New York City Area

Type: Film

1. (Age: 18-25, African American)
CHARLES: A kind-looking and innocent young man with a pair of deeply sympathetic eyes.

2. (Age: 20-30, White/Caucasian)
GABE: A gung-ho solider. Large and muscular.

3. (Age: 20-30, White/Caucasian)
CAINE: Slender and focused. A quiet man of high intellect. He could stab you in the back and you’d never see it coming.

4. (Age: 20-30, White/Caucasian)
SOLIDER 2: A slightly portly and loyal young solider; the follower.

5. (Age: 25-30, White/Caucasian)
PARKER: The reserved and respected platoon leader; the alpha dog.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York City Area
Please submit to: by 2021-04-10
Please submit a headshot

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