Roles in Dallas for Student Movie Project “Art & Love”


Art & Love – Short Film

Location: Dallas, TX

Type: Student Films

Romance Comedy – Staying in a friends house, a women discovers an unexpected occupant, who is more interesting than he first seems.

Character Breakdowns:
Faye, 29, a woman who is career oriented. Very organized and structured, high-strung with a strong affinity for animals. She works in the nonprofit sector advocating for PETA. Connor opens her eyes to a world beyond her career in animal cruelty with kindness and protection.

Shannon, 29, Faye’s friend who is a great listener. She likes to let loose and have fun, often flirting too much for her own good. She takes a liking to James for his accent as she enjoys novel adventures.

Pookie, 5, Faye’s dog. She is cute, and mostly lazy just lounging around the place with an air of blissful ignorance.

Connor, 32, a man who is frustrated with being let down by those he’s trusted in the past. He expresses his feelings in his art, with a messy exterior embracing the laid-back life of not giving a fuck. Slowly Faye warms his bitter heart to appreciate the good the world has to offer.

Steve, 40, abandoned in a rural town, James picked him up at an early age. He prefers to gesture instead of speaking, with the occasional grunt. His behavior and looks gives off a creepy vibe, but that’s because he’s just too dumb to know better. His loyalty to James makes him a stalwart ally in bringing Connor and Shannon closer together.

James, 30, an exotic man with a taste for adventure and exploration. He feigns surprise when Faye contacts him, all the while holding his glee with the masterplan. Easily drawn to aggressive women, Shannon catches his fancy. (Our preference would be someone with a British or Australian accent.)

Candy, 65, an elderly woman of academia. She is wise but hidden because of her small composure. Attracted to those in pain, she’ll step out of the shadows to shepherd others towards peace.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, TX
Please submit to: by 2021-01-13
Submit a short video with a one minute monologue.

This casting notice was posted by: Chad Pursley

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