Theater Auditions in Putnam County, NY



Location: Putnam County, NY

Type: Theater

LOLA is a new musical that will have a staged reading at the Brewster Theater Company in Carmel, NY. Auditions are on March 20th. Roles and Songs are on the website at

Walter/Lola (20s – 30’s):
Stuck in a mining town, Walter makes the best of his opportunities. Works with Tom and Daisy at their once-thriving grocery store. He is looking to make an opportunity for others and himself. Walter has decided to show his true self to David, but can he find the courage to show others? Wears wig during portions of the show.

David Watts (20 – 40):
The son of the local union leader of the mines, David felt as if he was destined to work in this small town forever. David’s small dreams take him to big places with the help of Lola. He has the talent but lacks confidence. Can he find what it takes to leave the town?

Tom (30 – 50’s):
Co-owner of a grocery store with his wife Daisy. Tom worked at the town grocery store as a kid and then bought it himself. As the fortunes of the town change, he tries to find a new start.

Daisy (30 – 50’s):
Wife of Tom and co-owner of the grocery store. Tom fell in love with Daisy when they were young. She is understanding, thoughtful and full of optimism.

Mr. Peters (40 – 50’s):
Union Boss of the mineworkers. Rugged appearance and commanding nature. His son, David, didn’t quite fit in at the mines and Mr. Peters has grown resentful at his abandonment and pursuit of other interests. As the mining company fails, he finds the changes difficult to manage.

Mrs. Peters (40 – 50’s):
Wife of Mr. Peters and life-long resident of the mining town. A first-lady type air about her, she was once the belle of the ball. As the future of the town changes, her outlook and opinions radically change.

Mrs. Finch (40- 50’s)
A lifelong friend of Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Jay. Her family struggles, but she maintains a level of decency. She is a bit younger than Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Jay.

Mrs. Jay (40 – 50’s)
A lifelong friend of Mrs. Finch and Mrs. Peters. Dedicated to her husband and family, she worries about how to keep them all together.

Fareed (30 – 50’s)
Middle Eastern migrant who arrives in town. This is a new start for him and his soon to arrive family. Fareed has escaped Syria, traveled through Europe and is starting work in the town.

Mr. Finch (40 – 50’s)
Lifelong, blue-collar union member and loyal to Mr. Peters. Mr. Finch has watched his town go from a base of upper-middle class friends and neighbors to lower wage, manufacturing strangers. His job is at stake and he is bitter.

Mr. Jay (40 – 50’s)
Lifelong union member and loyal to Mr. Peters. Mr. Jay met his high-school sweetheart and married her. The Jays felt like big people in a small town and Mr. Jay was among the biggest. He is blue-collar, proud, and is in disbelief at what has happened to his town.

Fareed’s Wife
After coming from a long distance to start a new life, she feels relieved to be in a place of peace and quiet.

People of town
Fareed’s family
Factory workers

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Putnam County, NY
Please submit to: by 2021-03-19
headshot and resume. Selected songs will be provided on the website

This casting notice was posted by: Bob Dumont/Brewster Theater Company/Producer

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