Movie Auditions in Maui Hawaii


Hawaii with Love

Location: Maui, Hawaii

Type: Film

Casting supporting roles for a romantic comedy shooting in April- late May in Maui, HI. Talent must be located on the island of Maui.

A young lawyer from New York is offered a dream job in the company office in Hawaii. Her new boss, also from the big city could potentially be her first real date in months. But she soon realizes her stiff city upbringing makes it a challenge to fit into the laid back island life of Hawaii. At her best friends be pleading, she takes up surfing only to find that her new surfing instructor may just be the date, and new lifestyle she’s been looking for.

Seeking Roles For:

PATTI MURRAY (Jenna’s Boss)
Details: Female / Supporting / Caucasian / 50 – 60
Description: She’s a put-together workaholic in her mid-fifties. Can be sweet, but also incredibly blunt. The boss of the “AVERY ARCHITECTURE” firm.
Wardrobe: Business
Rate: SAG Scale

EMMA (Jenna’s niece)
Details: Female / Supporting / Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander / 14 – 16
Description: A lovely, surf tanned, young teenage girl. She is very smart, loving and family oriented, but still a typical teenage girl.
Wardrobe: Sundress, Hawaiian attire.
Rate: SAG Scale

GRACE MILLER (Family Attorney)
Details: Female / Supporting / African American, Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander / 50 – 60
Description: A buttoned-up yet sweet, middle-aged woman. The attorney handling May’s estate. Friend of the family.
Wardrobe: Hawaiian, professional.
Rate: SAG Scale

MIKE MAXWELL (Sarah’s Husband)
Details: Male / Supporting / Caucasian / 30 – 40
Description: Sarah’s husband (Jenna’s sister), A good-looking haole in his early forties. A great Dad, honest, hard working and loving. Doesn’t shy away from bad Dad jokes.
Wardrobe: Casual home attire
Rate: SAG Scale

Details: Male / Supporting / All Ethnicities / 60 – 70
Description: An elegant, arrogant man in an expensive suit in his sixties. No nonsense, all business.
Wardrobe: An expensive suit.
Rate: SAG Scale

Details: Female / Supporting / All Ethnicities / 30-40
Description: Mother of a teenager who is as pretty and sweet as her homemade pastries, with a touch of that same Hawaiian blood her younger sister has.
Wardrobe: Casual home attire
Rate: SAG Scale

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Maui, Hawaii
Please submit to: by 2021-02-28
Please submit headshot, resume, and role you’ll be applying for.

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