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Senior Thesis Audio Drama

Location: Nationwide

Type: Theater

Casting Call: Senior Thesis Audio Drama

I’m Liv Slaby, a fourth-year undergraduate musicology major and theater minor. My senior capstone and Undergraduate Research Scholars Program project is a half-hour audio drama that I’m writing, directing, and producing this year. We will begin rehearsing and recording in week 4 of winter quarter, meeting weekly or twice a week throughout the rest of the quarter and finishing up recording in early spring if necessary. We will showcase the final product at Undergraduate Research Week in May 2021. This production will be conducted virtually; no specific location, recording equipment, or knowledge of hockey required. You will receive compensation up to $150 upon completion of the project.

Project description
At the turn of the 23rd century, Ariel arrives in a partially flooded San Francisco from Mars to play collegiate hockey with Carolina and Lulana. They wrestle with interpersonal tensions, and Ariel reveals a devastating truth about the Martian colonies as the three fight their way to the championships with essentially no plans outside of sports, facing a future they must build on their own.

Character breakdowns
CAROLINA: Left defenseman from San Francisco. Passionate and competitive, Carolina feels threatened by Ariel’s arrival yet finds herself drawn to them. She has her sights set on moving to Mars after college.

LULANA: Right defenseman from San Francisco. Carolina’s roommate and best friend, Lulana is the most easygoing of the three and often hides her own emotions while mediating conflict between Carolina and Ariel. She was pen pals with Ariel for a year before they came to Earth.

ARIEL: Left defenseman from Mars. Ariel is guarded, a bit fascinated by Carolina and Lulana, and wants to fit in on a new planet. This character is non-binary and can be played by someone of any gender or lack thereof. Please submit an audition that showcases your ability to trouble audiences’ associations of certain vocal qualities with binary notions of gender.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: livieslaby@gmail.com by 2021-01-22
To audition, please email me an audio file of any one-minute monologue before Friday, January 22. No headshots or video please. Feel free to introduce yourself and your monologue in your recording. In your email, please provide your name and contact information, along with any questions you have or anything you’d like me to know. Indicate which role(s) you are auditioning for and whether you’d accept a different role. I may reach out to you with questions or for a callback after you submit your audition.

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