Actors in Los Angeles for USC Student Film Project



Location: Los Angeles, California

Type: Student Films

Log line: A West African man reaches out to a deity in a liminal limbo to help address his grief for his deceased daughter; finding peace in his suffering.

Filming Location: Los Angeles, CA

Shoot Dates: TBD late September – early October 2022

Actor’s Rate: copy, credit, meal

Note: This is a project for USC undergraduate students. Actors will get a copy of the final film to use for their reel.


DEITY : Soothing celestial soul that is wise and caring; he has an air of whimsy to his questions- using a mix of comedy and seriousness to guide Ahmed on his journey of grief.
Older black African man, 50s-70s (must speak French fluently)

AHMED (ADULT): A man who has lost his daughter and struggles to come to terms with it- not understanding how to cope with his grief debilitates him. Ahmed is kind and heartbroken, but tries to carry a shield of anger and disillusionment to protect his suffering.
Older black African man 40s-50s (must speak French fluently)

AHMED (YOUNG ADULT): Ahmed softens as he becomes more youthful- and his inquisitive nature and impulsive questions reflect his younger age, helping him get to the root of his grief.
Younger black African man 18-20s (must speak French fluently)

AHMED (CHILD): Ahmed is a young child at this point, finding innocence in his youth. He is, while usually a lively young boy, tired after understanding the nature of grief.
Young, black, African boy (15-18; must speak French fluently)

IF INTERESTED, email with subject DIBII AUDITION INQUIRY, and put your desired role in the body. Thank you!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, California
Please submit to: by 2022-08-10
Will coordinate online auditions but please submit headshot, reel (if available) and resume

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