Atlanta Auditions for TV Pilot “For The Love of Money”

For The Love of Money

Location: Atlanta GA

Type: TV Pilots

The brutal murder of a friend, pits a tight-knit band of hood entrepreneurs against the corrupt Sheriff of a small Georgia town.


For a group of childhood friends turned hustlers, the game – just got real. They knew what they were getting into when they signed up for one of the hood’s oldest professions. But when one of their own meets a grisly and untimely end at the hands of a crooked local lawman named Harold. D-Boys – Jay, JD, CJ, Tres and Loco find themselves in a precarious scenario, where loyalty to the lifestyle and loyalty to their fallen comrade, become inexplicably intertwined. Thomas’s death sets in motion a chain of events, where the crew is left with only two options… fight the law (Harold), to a bloody bitter end. Or set right what ended up being Thomas’s ultimate undoing. Between making the rounds, and mourning their fallen friend, Sheriff Harold reaches out to Jay with a proposal. One that could end their feud for good, or push them deeper under the duplicitous Harold’s thumb.

Casting Roles:

Jay Williamson(Jay)- A young ambitious hustler with a moral aptitude not usually found among those with a street mentality. (Age-22 )with some college education. Extremely cautious and thinks twice before he acts once. Athletic (football)

-Jackson Williamson(JD)- Experienced hustler, Complete street mentality, no love and loyalty for those not a part of his team. By any means necessary thought process. (Age- late 20s/early 30s.) Some college education. Athletic (basketball)

-Thomas Richards(T)-Generational hustler. Learned to hustle as a means of surviving. Bound to the streets by his love for money. Athletic Swimmer, (Age-late 20s/early 30s.)

-Tyron Daniels(Stic)-Young and Playful. Not involved in the street life but will do what is necessary. Still in high school. (Age-Teenager)

-Derrick Tyson (Roller)- Well known auto mechanic and body shop owner. Specializes in exotic paint jobs, customizations, and engine modifications. (Age-Mid 30s, Friend of Jay & JD)

-Jermaine Hollis(Maine)- Hood mentality, Hot head. All about making money very smart but allows his need for street credibility to overrun his better judgment. (Age-high school student)

-Sheriff Rodney Harold- Long running, current sheriff. Corrupt. Local drug king pin. Willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain his position; to continue and expand his cash flow. Well connected. Does not get along with other law enforcement agencies. (Age: Late 30’s)

-Corey Collins(CC)- Native of the city, moved away young, but moved back to the city with money and opened a barber shop. Learned the game in the north, but ignorant to game rules in the south. Sneaky, Grimey. (Age-22-24)

-Tellius Sander(Tell’em)- Quiet, reserved. Believed to be a junky by most. Very street savvy. Keeps Jay and JD ahead of the game with intel. (Age- late 20s early 30s)

-Christopher Watts Jr.(CJ)- Comedian, Self -loathing, Hustler mentality but not built for the game. Self-proclaimed lady’s man. Will betray anything at the first thought of love. (Age:22-24)

-Terrance Hightower III(Tres)- Hustler/Producer, hustling as a means to an end. Wlling to do what is necessary to provide for his newly created family. Loyal to what is and what was. (Age:23)

-Poncho Rodriguez (Loco)-Hispanic. Friend of Jay. Learned the game from his brother. Short tempered. Very irrational in judgment. Loves his family but loyal to his crew. (Age: Early 20’s)

-Marie Smith(Ree Ree)- Female hustler. At home beautician. Loyal to her crew. Willing to get her hands dirty to get paid. Very attractive. Attention grabbing. (Age-mid 20s)

– A. Nathaniel Greene(Greene)- Rodney Harrold’s chief deputy and number one henchman. Obsessed with his greed for power and money. (Age-Mid 30s)

-Deputy Joshua Calhoun- Deputy sheriff and partner of Nathaniel Greene. Hesitantly involved with Harrold’s corrupt doing. (Age: Early 30’s)

-The News Reporter(Lisa)- Attractive, well-spoken female.

-The bystander – Male homeowner. (Age:30’s)

-Sarah Richards(Miss Richards)- Mother of “T”. caring, concerned mother. (Age:50s/60s)

-Jackie Richards(Aunt Jackie)- Younger sister of Sarah, aunt of “T” (Age: Early to mid 40s)

-Shonda Harvey(Shonda)- Beautician/Loctician. Voluptuous. Hair is always appealing. Girlfriend of Corey. (Age: Mid 20s)

-Detective Brown/Brown- Undercover narc from out of town. Takes his job seriously. Holds grudges. Very savvy with his police work. (Age: Mid-late 30s)

-Detective Carter(Carter)- Naive rookie detective but a seasoned police officer. Follows the lead of Brown. A “know it all” but slightly incompetent. (Age – Early 30’s)

-Telia Wright(Tee-Tee)- Sister of Thomas Jr. Talented, intelligent and very observant. (Age: Pre-Teen)

-Nay- Cousin of Jay & JD. Tomboy, hood thug mentality. (Age: Mid 20s)

-Lil Jay- Elementary age

-Lil JD- Freshman in high school

-Lil Tommy- Elementary age

-Lil Loco- Elementary age

-Lil Tres- Elementary age

-Lil Esteban- Freshman in High school

-High School Boy 1 (Leader)- Bully and leader, gets joy out of bullying younger kids. (Age: High School Junior and Senior)

-High School Boy 2- Follower. Afraid of the leader. Flunky

-High School Boy 3- Tomboy. Girl. A follower.

-High School Boy 4- Follower. Afraid of the leader. Flunky.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta Ga
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