Auditions for Indie Horror Movie in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

Not Another Horror Movie

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

Type: General Performers

(Lead) Stephanie Female 15-18
Stephanie (often goes by Steph) gets along with Emily and Gwen really well. She is dating Billy and is considered the “dumb blonde”. She casually throws sassy remarks to her closest friends. OPEN ETHNICITY

(Supporting) Emily Female 15-18
Emily says what she wants, when she wants to. She is bold and outgoing. She is really close with Steph and Gwen. She is the most worried one of the friend group. OPEN ETHNICITY

(Lead) Billy Male 15-18
Billy’s ego is almost as big as his biceps. He is everyone’s go to man for advice. He is deeply insecure but tries his best to hide it. He is Stephanie’s boyfriend. OPEN ETHNICITY

(Supporting) Xavier Male 15-18
Xavier is really close with the guys. He cracks jokes and has their backs. He is loyal. (Muscles). OPEN ETHNICITY

(Supporting) Chase Male 15-18
Chase is the hot head that throws insults when he gets slightly upset. His screen time is limited but is a very impactful character. OPEN ETHNICITY

(Supporting) Officer Judy Bloo Female 25-45
Officer Judy Bloo has the best one liners of any character. She is best friends (possibly more) with officer Ramen Ate and they make the best comedic/chaotic duo. OPEN ETHNCITY

(Supporting) Officer Ramen Ate Male 25-45
Officer Ramen Ate is Officer Judy Bloo’s partner in solving crime. He makes questionable decisions but can get the job done with his jokes and wittiness. OPEN ETHNCITY

(Actor) Brittany Female 15-18
Brittany has a very bubbly personality and is remarked as annoying by the other characters. That’s why no one will see her twist coming. OPEN ETHNICITY

(Actor) Tina Female 15-18
Tina is very passionate for Joey and aggressively tries to pursue him. She is very blunt. She can say things that are very unexpected. She is known as a very different person. OPEN ETHNICTY

(Actor) Mrs. Kinsington Female 18-25
Mrs. Kinsington is known for her good looks by the guy characters. Although she is violent, very mean, and inconsiderate. OPEN ETHNICTY

(Actor) Jock Male 20-30
Typical stereotype of a jock, very hot-headed and desperate to get what he wants. He a real bad relationship with Stephanie. OPEN ETHNICITY

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA
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This casting notice was posted by: Red River Productions

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