Auditions in Center Valley, Pennsylvania for Short Film “Green River”

Green Ribbons

Location: Center Valley, PA

Type: Student Films

Film Description – Green Ribbons is a 10-15 minute short film about single mother, Molly Coleman, who lives in fear of leaving her home after her son commits suicide. The story picks up when Molly receives a phone call from her sister, Kate, inviting her out to dinner for her birthday. Kate hasn’t seen her sister since the incident and begs her to come; it’ll only be for a couple of hours. Now Molly must decide whether she can take the risk of leaving her house.
Green Ribbons explores themes of psychological trauma, PTSD, depression, self-blame, and recovery. The film is composed in a way that the viewer will not realize Wyatt it dead until Molly does at the end of the film. This is how we can properly convey the weight of her trauma and the experiences someone might feel when living with PTSD.

Molly (40s/50s,Female) – A single mother who lives in fear of leaving her house after discovering her son’s suicide. As a trauma response, she believes he is alive so she has a second chance at being the best mother she can. She is hard working, but struggles with daily reminders of her son throughout her house. She is struggling with her own fears and trauma to truly be able to enjoy life again.

Wyatt (16,Male) – Brooding teenager who feels disconnected from everything around him. This is Molly’s projection of Wyatt as a response to the trauma she faced when discovering him.

Kate (35,Female) – The strong-willed and supportive younger sister to Molly. She wants nothing more than to be the shoulder for her sister to lean on. Very charismatic and bubbly.

Dr. Sylva (50s/60s,Female) – Molly’s at home therapist, hired at the request of Kate. An overall charismatic personality, and has taken the time to build a trusting relationship with Molly. Eager to see Molly take the next step in her recovery.

Valerie (20s – 40s, Female) – The cousin to Molly and Kate. Minor speaking roll.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Center Valley, PA
Please submit to: by 2022-02-26
Please submit a video audition of your favorite or best monologue. All in-person auditions are reserved for callbacks.

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