Auditions in Lawrenceburg TN for Comedy “Edie’s Trailer Park”

By | September 6, 2022

Eddie’s Trailer Park

Location: Lawrenceburg TN

Type: Comedy

Project Name: Eddie’s Trailer Park
Project Type: Feature Film
Union Status: NON-UNION
Shoot Date(s): October 25th – November 4th
Location: Lawrenceburg, TN


Chaos abounds when two idiots inherit a trailer park in hopes of making it rich, and everything backfires in their face in this dark comedy.


[EDDIE] Male. 50’s-60’s. Small build. Eddie is a low life criminal who doesn’t care about anything but money. He doesn’t mind bullying or even killing to get what he wants. The only person he has any feelings for is his nephew Billy.

[BILLY] Male. Mid 20’s. Eddie’s nephew, Billy is a troubled guy who could never please his Dad growing up, so he gave up trying and tries everything he can to aggravate his old man instead. Billy is easy going, doesn’t work and is perfectly happy living in his room at his Dad’s house.

[MARK] Male. Mid 20’s. Mark is a carbon copy of Billy. Just living life from day to day, has no ambitions and is happy doing nothing all day but playing video games.

[ROGER] Male. Mid 40’s – 50’s. Roger grew up helping his uncle Eddie in the trailer park. He idols Eddie and will do whatever is asked of him. No questions asked. He is always eager to help Eddie, which ironically aggravates his Uncle greatly.
[MRS. MCLAIN] Female. 45-55 yrs old. A sweet, soft spoken lady who everyone loves. In fact, she is like everyones aunt. She genuinely cares about everyone will happily give people the clothes off of her back if they need it. She was in a car accident and is wheelchair bound.

[SHERIFF JOHN] Male. Late 20’s to mid 30’s. Everyone loves John. He is a good, decent cop who genuinely cares for the people. He will do everything he can to make sure justice is served and the people are ok.

[DEPUTY ROB] Male. Early 30’s. Another good and easy going cop who wants to make sure criminals are off the streets.

[BLAIR] Female. Mid 30’s to early 40’s. Blair is just a normal, down to earth person. She isn’t a bad seed, but has been pushed too far too many times. She won’t take crap from anyone and will let you know exactly what she thinks. She is also one of the tenants of Eddie’s Trailer Park.

[ROCKY] Male or Female. 7-12 yrs old. Rocky is Emma’s kid. Taken karate lessons since childhood and is a first degree black belt. A little know it all who likes to bully adults any chance he gets. Especially when they are easy targets.

[EMMA] Female. Late 20’s – early 30’s. Emma is Rocky’s mom. Also a black belt in Karate, she taught Rocky everything she knows.

[FRANK] Male. 50’s. Frank is a nice guy who is just out of work and down on his luck. Needing to pay his bills, Frank accepts a job to scare some kids.

[DRIVER JONATHAN] Male or Female. 20’s – 40’s. Jonathan repeats everything and cannot sit still for anything or anyone. Like a broken record, he/she will continually repeat themselves until something better comes along to say. Then the cycle starts all over again.

[ALLEN THE CROOK] Male. Late 30’s. Just a mean and greedy criminal who will never learn that crime doesn’t pay.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Lawrenceburg TN
Please submit to: by 2022-10-01
Please note which role interested in auditioning for and attach your headshot, resume, along with link to actors access or website if available..

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