Auditions in Richmond, VA for Performers to Play Mythological Characters for Camp Half-Blood


Camp Half-Blood Richmond

Location: Richmond, VA

Type: Theater

Camp Half-Blood Richmond seeks performers to play larger-than-life mythological characters set in the modern-day, not far from the Percy Jackson universe (think Hermes in running shorts instead of a toga). Each week, a performer could be a God, a Hero, a Villain, a Monster, a Nymph, an Oracle, or a combination of these.

Everyone must feel comfortable engaging groups of kids, ages 6-12, in improvised in-character dialogue and combat with safe foam weapons in an outdoor environment on Quest Day, a once-a-week full-day adventure. The ensemble will consist of a team of actors who collaborate with a Quest Director to bring each storyline to life for their particular camp location.

We value fostering ensembles in our Quest Teams and are committed to inclusive casting practices, building a group of Performers who collaborate with us on creative ways to re-contextualize ancient stories.

In Richmond, this summer’s Quests feature tales drawn from Greek, West African, Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, and Celtic mythology, folklore, and legends.

Roles include:
Various Mythological Characters / Ensemble : Multiple characters from different pantheons
Anansi / Ensemble : West African Trickster Spider God, Black
Nana Buluku / Ensemble : West African Creation Goddess, Black
Houyi / Ensemble : Chinese Demigod Archer, Chinese, Male
Ching Shih / Ensemble : Chinese Pirate Captain, Chinese, Female
Khonsuemheb / Ensemble : Main Protagonist of Ancient Egyptian Ghost Story, Egyptian/Egyptian-American, Black, African/African-American, Middle Eastern Male

More information is available at our official audition notice on Playbill ( and on our website (

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Richmond, VA
Please submit to: by 2022-06-05
Apply through this form:

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