Auditions in Cleveland Ohio for Speaking Movie Roles – An Overwhelming Sense of Nothing


An Overwhelming Sense of Nothing

Location: Cleveland, OH

Type: Film

An Overwhelming Sense of Nothing
by Arina Zaciu & Vincent Lazar
Short Film

(Samantha) has reached a breaking point in her life that seems to go nowhere and be overwhelming at the same time. She finds herself in an in-person conversation with her subconscious (D).

July 8-10 and/or July 22-24 (Friday through Sunday)
NE Ohio

Please submit a self-tape to the google form:

Non-blonde (either current hair color is not blonde or willing to dye hair for role)
All ethnicities

All genders
All ethnicities

All genders
Any age
All ethnicities

If you are auditioning for only one role, please submit a video with your submission for the role AND a video with your submission for a personal monologue or piece of your choice. (the latter is not mandatory but highly preferred)
If you are auditioning for multiple roles, please submit one video per role and only one video with your personal monologue/piece.

Filenames: Firstname Lastname – Role / Firstname Lastname – “PersonalPiece” (description of the piece). For example: Arina Zaciu – Personal Piece (monologue xyz from title by author)

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Cleveland, OH
Please submit to: by 2022-06-15
Contact for sides. Please submit 1 video using sides, as well as an optional but highly preferred 1 video of a personal piece (monologue, etc).

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