Baby Auditions for Baby Formula Commercial in New Jersey

Casting call for Families with babies.

A baby formula campaign is holding baby auditions for babies that used Enfamil baby formula during the recent shortage. The babies and families that get cast for this will be paid. The project is looking for REAL families that had difficulty acquiring formula earlier this year.

The content campaign will be filming in the Northern New Jersey area, the Montclair area or somewhere around Montclair and are looking to cast parents in the area who are able to get to that location or live very close to Montclair.  Parents will be asked to speak on camera about their experiences trying to get baby formula during the shortage.  The commercial will be filming late 2022 and first few days of 2023.

Casting babies for paid modeling in NYC

Now Casting: Branded Content for Enfamil

Looking for parent(s) + baby (around 4 – 6 months) who were impacted by the baby formula shortage earlier this year — their baby needed formula and parents had a hard time finding it, called 100 stores, had to drive a million miles to find it, etc. Needs to have wound up using Enfamil, but OK if they used another brand prior to the shortage.

Parents will need to speak on camera about trying to get formula for their baby, their own personal experience, what the experience of worrying etc was like for them, etc.

See below for all of the details and how to submit.



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