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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Web series

A post-apocalyptic, manless, experimental tale of a three generation family of women that navigate a life in an all female colony that is interrupted when they found an opposing group that keeps men alive but captive.


Female. Mid 20’s. Plus size preferred. Open Ethnicity. Preferably has done Voice-over acting.
Meli is the daughter of the leader of the group and a mother. She navigates the post-apocalyptic life with the values of her mother but she strives to make a better future for her daughter. She hasn’t lived a normal life but her values, traditions, and the family-like environment brought a balanced person who strives to be fair. Her weakness is her inability to relax and enjoy life but that is also what moves her forward until she finds what she is looking for and owns the fact that she is born a leader. There are things that she hasn’t experienced that she needs to now.

Female. 50-60s. Can speak Accented English – Greek or Latinx preferred.
Granma, as the rest of the group calls her, is the matriarch of the group. The one who has led them to survival and to thrive if we want to be honest. A royal-like figure who absolutely knows how to get dressed in a post-apocalyptic world. Her outfit is her armor. That doesn’t mean that she is not involved with everyday chores.

Female. Around 7-9 years old. Biracial.
A child born in a world, not as we know it, but she has gotten all the love she needs. Strived by curiosity and raw enthusiasm she enjoys every moment. She adores listening to her Granma’s stories and trusts her mom with anything. She is the future. She is the hope. The newborn in this world with a pure heart.

Women Knight Leader
Female. 20-40s. Open ethnicity. Voice acting preferably.
Some will say a very driven woman. Others will say a dangerously powerful woman. All will agree that she is a fierce leader that strives to protect her group. She is definitely a master in theatrics and a believer. That is why all of her followers are avid supporters of her vision: one that has women first. Maybe only women first. Definitely, a person surrounded by mystery.

Mid-20s – Black male.
He seems helpless but he is not. He just needs a push, a sign and he finds it in Meli. He is the prince that is rescued so life continues. He is born in a futuristic setup with a very specific purpose. In the outside world, he is a newborn.

Women – Chorus
Females. From 5 years old. Open ethnicity. Dance background preferred.
Women of the main group or women knights surround the main protagonist and portray the differences between the groups. One group is freer to exist, the other lives in discipline and structure.

Chorus – Men
Males. 20-40 years old. Open ethnicity.
The hope of the world, friends, and allies of Adam. Unaware of the real world will be guided to re-establish the masculine and the feminine energy missing.

Baby boy
Months old. Biracial.

Payment: non-paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2022-07-01
Headshot, Reel, Resume

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